Posted on by Jun Zhou

At the season of proms and weddings is almost coming to us and with it the most busy but beautiful quest for the perfect dress. Selecting a prom dress is no easy task because you want so many things from your dress: trendy, elegant and easy to dance in.

Whenever you decide to buy a prom dress, keep your options open, flexible, don’t get stuck in a floral or black dress code only. Who knows what other amazing styles you’ll find out there AND how they look on you. I’m telling you… I’m the walking billboard for theory and practice being two different dressing situations. Whatever you choose just be confident.

 The excitement of wearing the prom dress starts way before the prom itself. It actually all begins with the search for the dress, which in most cases these days is online, more often than not. So here’s a few guidelines for choosing the perfect prom dress:

Set Up Your Budget

Of course this is one of the key elements in buying anything really, so make sure you get something worth your money. The secret is to buy something that’s not breaking the bank but looks expensive. Invest in quality, even go for designer if you want to, and always keep in mind that you’ll wear the dress only once, maybe twice. Fast fashion can be an option if you find something that looks amazing and not chap, otherwise buy intelligent and for for quality. OKDRESSES has a lot of unique prom dresses to choose from.

Decide the Colours

Where do I begin: blue, green, red, or the classic black or white? Also pink and sequins are so gorgeous these days that’s really good luck in narrowing it all down. My tip is to go for a color that’s flattering on you and if you’re a classic stick with the LBD but if you’re more adventurous go for bold colours, and make a statement.

Consider Your Body Type

This is such a bullshit, but only half of it. I mean know your assets and make the best of them, but keep i mind that usually a mermaid type of dress is quite flattering on all body types, because it elongates the body. The upper part… now that is where the trick is: fully covered, v-plunging, cap sleeves.

Know your angels and try on like a mad woman before coming to the dress. Also keep in mind tailoring and altering whatever you buy so that it fits better. And remember it’s about the night, and the fun, and the memories so screw the rest. If you’re feeling yourself and your dress is beautiful the rest will fall into place.