Posted on by Lijuan Gong

Bridesmaid is the colorful view in a bridal party. Then how to dress up a more flattering look for these important women of that big day? If you’re a looking for a great way to style your bridal party, and to find dresses that your bridesmaids will want to wear again, check out these ideas:

1. Flatter Their Figures

When you’re dressing your wedding party, you want to consider the people you’re working with – do all of your girls have killer legs? Great arms? Showcase their assets and let them shine, too, by picking out dresses that emphasize their best physical traits and make them feel as good as you do, and don’t worry – you’ll still be the focus of attention, no matter how great they look.

2. Bold Colors

The bridesmaids dresses are one of the best places to incorporate color into your wedding for the best visual impact. Select colors that will pick up on the tones in your bouquet, or pull these colors into your outfit by matching your shoes or belt, so that you become the centerpiece of one beautiful colorful image as you say your vows.

3. Go Dramatic

We all imagine bridesmaids dresses as being cute, knee-length numbers in simple colors, but why should we stick with that convention? Long, dramatic evening dresses can make a gorgeous visual statement, and these dresses will be something your bridesmaids won’t regret having in their wardrobe. If your wedding is aiming for romance, consider adding drama to your dresses.

4. Accessories & Flair

Adding little feminine details to your bridesmaids dresses can really push the look to the next level. Add on a floral belt or applique, or include jeweled or pearly embellishments to accentuate your dress. This is also a great way to let each bridesmaid incorporate her own style without sacrificing the cohesive look.

5. Variations On A Theme

Because your bridesmaids most likely have different body shapes and skin tones, picking one dress style or one color of fabric might not look the best for your wedding. Instead, pick out one fabric color and have dresses made to suit every girl, or have the same cut of dress made in all different colors!

6. Romantic, Flowing Layers

Selecting bridesmaids dresses with flowing layers of chiffon or other translucent fabrics can create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere at your wedding that is hard to resist. These styles are almost always flattering on a wide array of body types, and look good in any color, so it can be easy to make this floating, feminine look a reality for your wedding.